236. Business Tasks

N tasks are written down in the form of a circular list, so the first task is adjacent to the last one. A number n is also given. Starting with the first task, move clockwise (from element 1 in the list to element 2 in the list and so on), counting from 1 to n. When your count reaches n, remove that task from the list and start counting from the next available task. Repeat this procedure until one task remains. Return it.

public class BusinessTasks {
    private String getTask(String[] list, int n) {
        String out = "";
        boolean bl[] = new boolean[list.length];
        if (n==1) return list[list.length-1];
        if (list.length==2) {
                return list[0];
                return list[1];
        int i=0,c=0, l=list.length;
            if(!bl[c]) i++;
            if(i==n) {
            if(c==list.length) c=0;
        for (i =0; i<list.length;i++)
            if(!bl[i]) return list[i];
        return out;
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        BusinessTasks bt = new BusinessTasks();
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"a", "b", "c", "d"}, 2     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"a", "b", "c", "d", "e"}, 3     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"alpha", "beta", "gamma", "delta", "epsilon"}, 1     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"a", "b"}, 1000     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h", "i", "j", "k", "l", "m", "n", "o", "p", "q", "r", "s", "t", "u", "v", "w", "x", "y", "z"}, 17     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"zlqamum", "yjsrpybmq", "tjllfea", "fxjqzznvg", "nvhekxr", "am", "skmazcey", "piklp", "olcqvhg", "dnpo", "bhcfc", "y", "h", "fj", "bjeoaxglt", "oafduixsz", "kmtbaxu", "qgcxjbfx", "my", "mlhy", "bt", "bo", "q"}, 9000000     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"l", "celzw", "vp", "n", "nkmyi", "uaquiikr", "tgu"}, 7836541     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"yhvadcqtq", "myr", "mjoyirny", "nofaqvinol", "trxphmasx", "yblchjotr"}, 5561784     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"dfnm", "k"}, 4147202     ));
        System.out.println(bt.getTask(new String[]    {"jegzlqohby", "gvscbzrxvq", "yoznfwvxfr", "wtprk", "zmvqlj", "ughtyb", "cgdincc", "ztsuv", "i", "ba", "jotel", "jwn", "erfhr", "zdhxgfnf", "hkclj", "pfqy", "fkfrxvnp", "dzmucuzru", "oqhaob", "v", "mgbiukmk", "rqykcqogwl", "ot", "f", "mam", "bag", "ildun", "qtlof", "xvlcbdl", "fedopz", "nl"}, 3827158     ));


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